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What is Investagrams?

Investagrams is a one-stop shop made available to those who want financial freedom. Think of it as a practice session where you are given actual trading capacities minus the risk of losing money. It’s a guide for those who are looking to get involved with stock trading but is not ready to burden their bank accounts just yet.

You are automatically given Php 50,000 in which you can use to buy stocks. 

Be sure to check in every now and then to be updated with the current changes in the stock market. You can do this by downloading the Investagrams app or simply going to their official website.

Since Investagrams act as a practice session, it presents actual information in the stock market. Think of it as a virtual game where trading stocks is your key to winning. Besides, an actual simulation of the stock market is the best way to learn about trading.

Investagrams present to you the common resources in the stockbroker’s online page.

In addition, various social media sharing features are incorporated on the Investagrams website. You can follow a particular profile and see which stocks they are investing in. This will also help you decide which stocks are in demand and which sells the most.

The best part of it all? The clean and user-friendly way of presenting a stock chart through the Trading View!

This stock trading tool would be excellent practice for students and young professionals who are looking to prepare themselves for the real stock market. Not everyone is given the opportunity to freely invest in stocks. Whether it's due to financial constraints or lack of confidence and knowledge in stock trading, Investagrams can pretty much guide you through it all.

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