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Airplane Wi-Fi: How to Check Plane Amenities When Booking a Flight

Knowing what to expect during a flight is reasonable enough considering you don’t always get what is advertised by airlines. In-flight amenities can make a huge difference between a restful flight and an uncomfortable one. Keep in mind that airlines operate in a wide range of aircraft having different configurations and amenities that are continually being updated.


What to Check for in In-flight Amenities


  • Airplane Wi-Fi


Nowadays, it’s not unusual to find an aircraft with broadband global area network (BGAN). BGAN terminals allow connections through a satellite. These portable terminals are the reason why you can connect to the Internet even when you are 35,000 feet off the ground.


  • Entertainment


Your in-flight entertainment pertains to the wide array of TV shows, an extensive library of movies, exclusive programs from the airlines’ entertainment partners, and music-related programs. Be sure to check the available entertainment options before booking a flight.


  • Food and Beverages


Your flight experience would not be complete without tasting the variety of foods and drinks offered by the airline. There has to be a dining option that ranges from snack boxes, packaged munchies, meals, and beverages such as wine.


How to Check In-flight Amenities


Paying close attention during the booking process is crucial to knowing what amenities you will be enjoying during your flight. However, keep in mind that aircraft substitutions are part of the agreement. The airline is not obligated to accommodate your needs if there are any equipment swaps.


Furthermore, you can use tools such as Seat Guru to familiarize yourself with the different types of aircraft for each airline. Seat Guru can also help you choose the best seats on the aircraft you will be flying. However, aircraft substitutions can pose minor changes in the seating arrangement. Just to be sure, it is highly recommended to check your itinerary at least a few times a month leading up to your flight.


If you don’t have any particular airline in mind, you can opt to use Google Flights. This tool will search for the right airline by allowing you to input a feature in the search box. With this tool, you will be able to cross-reference all airlines by the in-flight amenities they offer. If you like a particular feature such as broadband global area network, you can use Google Flights to check airlines that offer this amenity.


Even the best thought-out travel plans can be ruined by an aircraft substitution. There are times when airlines have no choice but to fly customers using a plane with inferior products. The good news is that when it comes to aircraft substitutions or equipment swaps, changes to in-flight amenities are only minor.

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