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10 Common Mistakes of First-Time Condo Dwellers

It is without a doubt that being a millennial in the bustling streets of Manila can be quite challenging. Moving out of your shabby apartment and into your own condo can only mean an amazing lifestyle upgrade, not to mention, being close to work as well as the hottest spots in the city.
  • Not settling your rent on or before the due date.

Aside from the peace of mind you get when paying your rent early (or on time), you’re able to get on the good side of your landlord. Plus, you get to avoid penalties while you’re at it. While it is tempting to pay on the due date itself, you’ll find it relaxing to settle your rent earlier. Settling your rent before the due date allows you to focus on other important matters.

  • Not settling your fees on or before the due date.

Alongside your monthly rent, you also have to pay attention to your fees. Furthermore, it will be a lot easier to pay these on time. The fees include the amenities you enjoy as a tenant in your new home. These include parking fees, building insurance fees, and association dues. Plus points if you can pay for the entire year in advance!

  • Not making the most of your amenities.

Why is there a need to settle fees on time? Because if you don’t, you wouldn’t have access to recreational activities in your building. Keep in mind that part of what your dues cover are the amenities of your building – make sure that you take advantage of that because you deserve it. Whether it’s the entertainment area, pool, business centers, or even the fitness areas, make sure you find the time to visit these.

  • Ignoring the guards and receptionists.

A tip for the first-time condo dweller, never underestimate the ease of living in a building that is secured and supervised. Don’t mistake the idea of living in a condo to be super fitting. Keep in mind that there are minor challenges that may occur. Befriending the receptionists and guards will make it a lot easier when receiving packages. Say hello to online shopping because it will be convenience at its best!

  • Ignoring your new neighbors.

As compared to when you’re living in a house, your neighbors in a condo will be much closer in proximity. Find the time to get to know your neighbors. Knock on their doors and befriend them. Who knows, you might need their assistance some day. Remember, an amazing new condo would be nothing if you can’t stand your neighbors.

  • Neglect of proper disposal of trash.

It is only ethical to dispose of garbage properly. If you live in a condo, know how their garbage system works. Most condos would have some garbage chute for their occupants. Find out where the central garbage collection area is for your building or the segregation bins on each floor. Never leave your trash outside your door.

  • Not digging up info about pet restrictions.

While this is pretty basic, this tip is also the most neglected. Most condos have a strict rule regarding owning pets; others would allow only small pets. Make sure to dig up (pun definitely intended) all the information about pet restrictions in your building before letting in your furry friend.

  • Not checking phone and internet connectivity.

If your condo building provides its tenants with telephone and internet access, all the better. If not, make sure that there is no interference with the signal or connection once you’re inside your condo. The last thing you would want is to find out once you’re all settled in is that your phone can’t receive any signal. Yikes!

  • Neglecting your area.

The distance from school, work, mall, and MRTs or LRTs are some of the things you may have already considered before deciding on a particular condo. But what about the other gems in your area? You’ll never know that one route you can take if you’re running late if you don’t explore your area; or that convenience store that is open 24/7 for your late night cravings!

  • Neglecting the rules.

Understanding the community rules in your building can go a long way. Pay attention to rules around smoking, hosting large parties, and noise! This rule ties everything down together, from knowing your area and where trash should be disposed to getting to know your neighbors and how their lifestyle would crash with yours.

Hopefully, all of these tips and tricks will help you settle down into your new home. It is important to find a condo with community rules that is much aligned with your lifestyle.


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